Gettin’ Ready for the Summer: Tandoori Garlic Skewers


Have you ever had a style of food you’re so passionate about that you would truly eat it every day of your life, if you had the funds? Go to any friend of mine, they’ll tell you: the key to Leenie’s heart? Indian food. Always Indian food.  Sure, as a Marylander, crabs speak to me.  Put the crabmeat in madras sauce and give me THAT, I will marry you!  Sounds like my first summer recipe.  For now, I’ve started innovating my summer menu to include one of my new favorite finds in the Maryland Local products: Picnic Spreads.  Do they have an Indian themed spread?




I found a man named Brady and his spreads are amazing: unique, surprisingly refreshing, and made with labne.  Never had labne? Coolio, now’s the time. It is a Middle Eastern tasty tangy yogurt and it’s the base of Brady’s line.

Tandoori Garlic Sauce and the Hearbed Goat for extra veggie dippin!


Go to every Whole Foods in the DelMarVa and GET THAT STUFF IN.

Here’s a list of flavors carried in Whole Foods, including my personal favorite (le Tandoori Garlic):

Moroccan Cilantro

Tandoori Garlic

Goat Cheese Herb and Garlic


Chipotle Sage

So here it is, the skewers struck up on a grill in 30 degree weather, for the fam and the innovation of my summer noms:


Tandoori Garlic Kabobs

Bubbly Tandoori Garlic Goodnesssss


1 lb chicken

2 tbs olive oil

2 tsp apple cider vinegar

3 cloves garlic




(Really whatever you like)

Crimini Mushrooms

Bell Pepper (chopped into squares)

Brussel Sprouts (halved)

Yellow Onion (quartered)



2 tbs Picnic Spread’s Tandoori Garlic

1 tbs coconut milk

garlic powder (optional)

crushed pepper (optional)


  1. Start yo grill up.
  2. No grill? Try oven on 400 degrees  and wire rack near the top.
  3. Marinate chicken in skewer ingredients.  I use the plastic bag and shake method.  While meat marinates, mix sauce ingredients in a mixing bowl.  If you want to just use the spread, go for it—using the coconut to thin it a bit.  You can also use another spread (Uniquely Greek, spinach artichoke dips, Sauce Queens) but just don’t, this stuff’s incredible.
  4. Cube chicken meat and skewer, rotating with your veggies.
  5. Place on the grill.  Rotate skewers after 8 minutes or when meat starts to firm and turn white.
  6. Three minutes before removing, baste sauce onto meat, allowing sauce to warm/bubble/stick to the meat.
  7. Serve with some tasty rice and enjoy!
Red rice, grilled asparagus, and my tasty tandoori treat!

Shout out to Helen Overman and her lovely honey Adam Miller for chopping veggies and starting the grill:

Good choppin’, Heli Bess!

Shopping List:

Whole Foods Market:  Picnic Gourmet Spreads, Asparagus,  Veggies, Coconut Milk

MOMs: Organic Chicken Breasts,