Todays Produce Star: Purple Cauliflower

Produce Share for October the 24th:

Technicolor garden dreamland

I’ve been off my produce share photo game ever since my share was ripped from my grasp.  Well, to be fair, The Trusted Table was shorted on some of their produce and had one more customer to fill an order for…so I lost mine to help the company.  Totally fair.  But it seems more fun to add some drama.


Now that they’re back regularly in my kitchen, I’m back to photographing the unbelievable bounty I get to cook with this week–they even threw in some extra tomatoes to roast as a “thanks for last week!”.  Thank YOU Sarah!! I look forward to roasted tomato and arugula omelets.


But who’s the star of this weeks show?  Purple cauliflower.  Who knew that if we went back to all heirloom that our gardens would be Rainbow Brite’s play land?!  First purple tomatoes, then carrots, and now cauliflower??  The real challenge will be to find a dish to make that truly accentuates the beauty of this veggie.


But the supporting roles this week?

(Just as important, just not as purple)

1 bunch cylindra beets

1 lb Mei Qing Choi

1 bunch arugula

1/2 lb jasper cherry tomatoes

1 lb purple/orange carrots

I must admit though, these are just repeat images of cauliflower due to my fascination with the purp.  Unberieivable.

Things to expect for this weeks recipes:

Storing roasted beets (because I’m beet-ed out and they won’t be around for 6 months once their gone)

Roasted Cherry Tomato and Arugula Scrambles/omelets

Roasted root soup

Roasted Cilantro Mei Qing over quinoa with a cauliflower puree


Its a roasting kinda week.

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